6 PCS Aquarium Check Valves One Way Non-return Protector Air Pump for Fish Tank

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One-Way Check Valves

Water backflow will always happen when the pump is turned off or the power source is interrupted. It’ll stop oxygen supplement and, worst of all, damage your air pump. The non-return check valves are necessities in the house of aquatic lovers.

Made of Sturdy plastic and designed to fit most common aquarium air pumps, the valves can effectively prevent water from back siphoning and ensure smooth airflow. Essential for the most meticulous aeration setup in your fish tanks.

  • For oxygen systems only
  • Fit standard 0.5cm tubing
  • No restriction of airflow
  • Sturdy and aging-resistant
  • No air leak or noise
  • Packed with 6 Pcs in total

How to Install

1. Before use, clean and dry the 2 ends of the tubing which is connected to the valve to ensure tight connection.

2. Check the right direction of the valve to make sure that it is consistent with the direction of air flow.

3. Insert the check valve into the tubing carefully and link them completely.

Tips: If the valve restricts air flow in both directions, please stick something into the hole on the inlet side of the valve to poke it open. And then the valve will allow for an unobstructed passageway for airflow.

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