Trideer Yoga Blocks 2 Pack Premium EVA Foam Lightweight & Odor Resistant PURPLE


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  • Safe Support & Stability in Beginner Yoga – Yoga bricks lend a hand and act as a bridge for you to get to a difficult pose safely and effortlessly; they also help you improve your balance & flexibility.
  • Deepen Stretch in Advanced Yoga – The solid foam yoga blocks provide enough support with comfort in any posture, and can also be used at any height you need, assisting in learning new poses.
  • Restorative & Meditation – Yoga blocks can be used to relieve neck and back pain: just lay flat on the back and place 1 or 2 blocks under you in various positions; also perfect to elevate your seat for a better posture in meditation.
  • Durable & Supportive – Made from high density EVA foam, soft to the touch but very sturdy, provides just the right amount of cushion for joints, and promises a yoga studio level quality.
  • Light Weight – Perfect choice for those who would like to take their own props to the yoga studio or the gym, as the foam material of these blocks makes it lighter, thus more portable than cork yoga blocks.(Dimensions: 9 inches W x 6 inches H x 4 inches D / Weight: 5.6 ounces)

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