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Hutchinson 12 PK 732 Ribbed Belt V 732mm for Wacker Neuson BFS1345 Floor Saw


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Replacement / Spare Belt for Wacker Neuson BFS1345 Petrol Floor Saw.

Photographs Supplied are of our belt fitted to a customer’s machine. Any questions, please contact us.

Manufactured by Hutchinson.

Cross Reference Belt Numbers: 5000126548 / 0126548 / 12 PK 732 / 12PK732

The ribbed belt combines the high flexibility of flat belts with the high performance of V-belts. The V-shaped parallel ribs are made from a wear-resistant rubber compound. The high strength tension cord is designed for the many applications of the ribbed belt.

It is embedded in a rubber adhesive mixture and covers the entire width of the ribbed belt. Fibre reinforced, wearresistant rubber compounds ensure quiet operation, oil and heat resistance and a long belt life.

The small minimum pulley diameters permit drives with high speed ratios as well as small drive volume requirements. Ribbed belts are well suited for use with back bend idlers, e.g. in serpentine drives.

Weight 200 lbs


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