Genuine Yuasa YTX20L-BS High Power AGM Motorbike Motorcycle Battery YTX20LBS


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The Yuasa YTX20L-BS motorcycle battery is maintenance-free. Has a voltage of 12V, a capacity (10H) of 18 Ah and a CCA of 270 A.

The YTX20L-BS comes with an acid package.

Filling the battery with acid

  1. Remove the acid pack and the battery from the box.
  2. Protect yourself by at least wearing protective gloves and safety glasses.
  3. Fill the battery till the correct level (read below for detailed instructions).
  4. Close the battery cells with the battery cap(s).

Charging the battery for the first time

  1. Realize that it’s essential to charge the battery in the proper way the first time. Doing this wrong can affect the battery for the rest of its lifetime.
  2. Figure out the Amps to charge by dividing the battery’s Ah by 10. So a 14Ah battery should be charged at 1.4 Amps.
  3. Hook your battery tender up to the battery by using the crocodile clamps.
  4. Keep an eye on your battery while charging. Pause charging in case the battery becomes hot.
  5. Charge the battery until the indicator tells you it’s fully charged.
  6. Remove the charger as soon as the indicator tells you it’s fully charged, don’t overcharge it!

The battery dimensions are 175 mm long, by 87 mm wide, by 155 mm high.

EAN 5050694004551
Brand Yuasa
Battery type AGM
Exide type ETX20L-BS
Fulbat type FTX20L-BS
Yuasa type YTX20L-BS
Length (mm) 175
Width (mm) 87
Height (mm) 155
Voltaje 12
Capacity (10h) Ah 18
Cold cranking amps CCA (A) 270
Spillproof Yes
Maximum mounting angle

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