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50 x Long Square False Full Cover Nail Tips Natural Nails Choice of Size 0 to 9


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Opaque / Natural Colour Nails with a choice of 10 different sizes.

Bagged and labelled in packs of 50, available in sizes 0-9.

Easy to glue on, great for Home or Professional Salon use.

Suitable for: Gel, Acrylic or Fiberglass and Nail Art.

Design your own nails for special events e.g weddings, parties or just to look good.

Overall Sizes (See Picture 2 for this measurement):
Size 0: 14.5mm Wide – 31.0mm Long
Size 1: 13.5mm Wide – 30.5mm Long
Size 2: 12.0mm Wide – 29.5mm Long
Size 3: 11.5mm Wide – 28.0mm Long
Size 4: 10.5mm Wide – 27.0mm Long
Size 5: 10.0mm Wide – 26.5mm Long
Size 6: 9.05mm Wide – 25.5mm Long
Size 7: 9.00mm Wide – 24.5mm Long
Size 8: 8.00mm Wide – 23.5mm Long
Size 9: 7.05mm Wide – 22.5mm Long

How to apply nails for a perfect fit and stick :

1. Size the nails up on each finger, file the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit.
2. Clean hands/nails of any oils with acetone-based remover or alcohol based prep wipe.
3. Apply an adequate amount of glue to the nails.
4. Starting at cuticle, press on and hold the nail down for 10 seconds or until fully dry.
5. File and shape your new nails if needed.
Package contents :
50 x False nail tips
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Weight 0.020 kg


Pack of 50

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